Obviously we believe that our studio and teachers are the best in this whole area. What matters most is not so much what we believe but what our students say about us.
There are numerous music studios in the metroplex and even quite a few in our own local community of Plano. So what makes our studio better than any of the other choices?

  • We are specialists in teaching you how to play music – We are not a dance studio, karate studio, theatre studio, or a music store.
  • We have a professional studio space for you to take your lessons in –¬†Having lessons in our studio gives you a distraction free place to learn music and also enables you access to our extensive music library.
  • We are transparent – We list our teachers and their credentials on our website. Click here to visit the faculty page.
  • We are transparent – We list our rates and policies on our website. Click here to visit the Rates or Policies page.
  • No registration fee – Registration fees, whether a one time fee or a yearly fee are unnecessary and don’t make a lot of sense.
  • We don’t have a contract – It seems like everyone these days wants you to sign up for a long term contract. We operate on a month to month basis.
  • We hire only the best –¬†All of our teachers are professional musicians with music degrees. Your teacher should inspire you on your instrument, and be able to direct you down a path to success. You can hear our teachers performing throughout the metroplex on any night of the week.
  • We don’t do group lessons – Group lessons are not a good way to learn an instrument. Studios offer them for financial reasons.
  • We have four performance opportunities for you each year – We host a fall and spring recital in a great local theatre as well as a summer and winter jam session.
  • We care about our environment – It’s not just a green background to us. We only use renewable energy to power our studio and are constantly looking for ways to be more eco-friendly.
  • Great location – we are just one block from highway 75 and 15th street in Plano, and 1/2 a mile from the Downtown Plano Dart station.
  • We offer music lessons for several different instruments – this makes it convenient if you have either several people in your household taking lessons or you want to study more than one instrument.
  • We have real reviews – a lot of studios are posting reviews in a blog post and then closing the comments. Click here to read our legitimate reviews.

Locally owned and operated