Purchasing Your First Violin

Purchasing your first violinThe process of purchasing your first violin is more difficult than finding a good brass instrument because there are always inconsistencies in the wood which make an instrument play better or worse than other instruments made at the same factory. [Read more…]

Four Fantastic Flutes

Four Fantastic FlutesIt can be difficult knowing what to look for in a flute when you have never bought one before. It could be that this is your first time buying a flute and you may not even know very much about the instrument. This article will be a guide for you – to help you to learn the basics about the flute, what features to look for in your flute, as well as four fantastic flute recommendations. Regardless of which one of these instruments you choose, you will be happy with the purchase and will be able to enjoy years of playing from a well-crafted instrument. [Read more…]

Did I get a good guitar?

Did I Get a Good Guitar?Have you been given a guitar by a friend or relative? Did someone get you a guitar as a birthday present? Do you already own a guitar or are you interested in any tips for buying a used guitar?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then this article is for you.

“Did I get a good guitar?” is a question that most guitarist have asked at one time or another.  It can sometimes be an intimidating experience, from not being sure of  exactly what you might need, what you think you should have paid, or the history of the guitar and how it was cared for.  This article will give you a method for determining possible problems with any guitar. [Read more…]

9 Awesome Acoustic Guitar Recommendations

Awesome Acoustic Guitar Recommendations

It’s a decision that all guitar players make at least once in their lives. For some of us it can become more of a regular occurrence. I mean who doesn’t like getting a new instrument?

But if you are new to playing or have never purchased an acoustic guitar, how do you know you are getting a really good instrument? Check out these acoustic guitar recommendations before making your next purchase.

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Purchasing Your First Electric Bass

“How much should I spend?” is usually the first question that people ask me when shopping for a electric bass.  The answer to that question can have a lot of variables depending on your personal situation. So what I will do here is present a few options for instruments in three different price ranges.

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