E Major Diatonic Guitar Chord Chart

E major diatonic guitar chord chartThis week you can work through your E Major Diatonic Guitar Chord Chart. The key of E has a good amount of barre chords so it will be a great way for you to work on your barre chords and open chords together. If you don’t know your barre chords or just want a different way to play in the key of E you can do that with your capo. You can capo on the 4th fret and use the C major chord chart, or you could capo on the 9th fret and use the G major chord chart. If you capo on the 4th fret then C will be your E chord, if you go up higher the 9th fret G will be sounding as an E chord.

Hope you enjoy the E major diatonic guitar chord chart!

Download (PDF, 233KB)

When working your way through these chords take your time and make sure you are getting a good clean sound from each note. A good way to memorize new chords is just to repeat playing them five times a day for a week or so. Once you have the chords memorized keep working on them to make sure that they are sounding clearly with not fret noise. You can accomplish this by playing the chord and then playing one string at a time, focusing your attention on the clarity of each note. The third way that you should be working on your chords is in the context of a song. You should find a song in the key of E and work on switching between chords with ease. You can do this the same way by just repeating the two chords that you are switching between 5x a day for a week or so. Really until you can switch easily between those chords. For song ideas check out our chord charts here.