F# Major Diatonic Guitar Chord Chart

F# Major Diatonic Guitar Chord chart pictureIf you haven’t realized it yet we are working our way around the circle of 4ths. Your F# major diatonic guitar chords will be our first sharp key. A couple of interesting things to note about this key. This is another key on guitar that won’t have any open chords so it is a great way to work on your bar chords. F# major also has the note E# which is unique to this key.

If you don’t know your bar chords or just want to have that open chord sound and play in F# major you can still do that by using your capo. Put your capo on the 2nd fret and use your chords in the key of E major, you can also put the capo on the 6th fret and use your C Major chords.

Download (PDF, 262KB)