Major Pentascales for Piano

Major PentascalesLearning your Major Pentascales for piano is a great way to start working on your scales.  [Read more…]

Piano Root Position Minor Chords

pianoOnce you have learned your major chords you will want to tackle you root position minor chords. There are twelve minor chords so you could take one chord a week and have all of these memorized in 12 week. If you are more ambitions do three chords a week and you will have them all memorized in 4 weeks. The amount of time it takes you to memorize them doesn’t really matter as long as you are working towards that goal. [Read more…]

Piano Root Position Major Chords

pianoLearning your root position major chords can seem like a lot of information to memorize at first. Having a chart like this that has all of the information in one place will make it easier for you to memorize. Take one chord a week and in twelve weeks you will have all of your major chords memorized. If you memorize one page per week you will have all twelve of your major chords memorized in three weeks!  [Read more…]