Piano Root Position Major Chords

pianoLearning your root position major chords can seem like a lot of information to memorize at first. Having a chart like this that has all of the information in one place will make it easier for you to memorize. Take one chord a week and in twelve weeks you will have all of your major chords memorized. If you memorize one page per week you will have all twelve of your major chords memorized in three weeks!  [Read more…]

C Major Diatonic Guitar Chord Chart

Acoustic Bass Strings and Sound HoleHere is our second chord chart in our 12 week series. This chart is in the key of C major which means that you have the chords for A minor as well.

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G Major Diatonic Guitar Chord Chart

Acoustic Bass Strings and Sound HoleHere is a guitar chord chart for the key of G major. Since your major and minor keys share a key signature this will also be the chords for E minor.

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Practicing Tips For Parents

Practicing tips for parents - How to get your child to enjoy practicing music.So your son or daughter has started to take lessons or maybe you are considering starting lessons but are a little unsure about how to get a younger kid to practice. Maybe they are already taking lessons and the honeymoon period has worn off and you are having a hard time getting them to practice. No matter what the issue is these practicing tips for parents will work. These are the tricks and techniques that we use in our lessons at the studio. [Read more…]

Purchasing Your First Violin

Purchasing your first violinThe process of purchasing your first violin is more difficult than finding a good brass instrument because there are always inconsistencies in the wood which make an instrument play better or worse than other instruments made at the same factory. [Read more…]